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    Chef Cardinale Cooking Show: Crock Pot Cooking and Crock Pot Recipes

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    Crock pots are a busy person's favorite cooking tool. You can still make homemade meals and be out shopping or working or doing what you love. Crock Pots do the all the work for you while all you have to do is add the food and turn the pot on. Who invented this awesome cooking gadget? What are some good foods you can cook in a crock pot? Well, Chef Alex is here to discuss the crock pot!!! Chef Alex and his mom the 2 who do the cooking in their family have a big crock pot and they love it!

    Chef Alex will discuss:

    -History of Crock Pot

    -Meals and Desserts you can make in a crock pot


    -Pot Roast

    -Beef Stew

    -Mac and Cheese

    -Bread Pudding


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    Chef Cardinale Cooking Show on AVN: Family Cooking and Family Recipes

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    The Chef Cardinale Cooking Show is happy to host it's first cooking show in 2016! Chef Alex Cardinale is going to be talking about cooking for your family!!! Cooking for your family is fun, because you get to see your family members eat your delicious food! Your family members will apperciate all the time you put into cooking them Breakfast, lunch, and dinner!!! Chef Alex is here to give you some of his awesome recipes that he uses for his family!

    Topics for the show:

    -Tips for cooking for your family

    - Good food for cooking for a family


    Some of the recipes will include:

    - French Toast

    - Pancakes

    -Macaroni and Butter


    -Macaroni and Cheese

    -Chicken Parm

    -Spaghetti and Meatballs

    and more!!!

    Feel free to call in at 1 347-989-8142 to share your family cooking recipes!

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    Chef Cardinale Cooking Show: Chef Alex's Thanksgiving 2015 Cooking Recipes

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    Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away! So on this episode of Chef Cardinale Cooking Show, LIVE on American Variety Network, Chef Alex will be giving out some of his Thanksgiving recipes that he uses each Thanksgiving!!! Plus Chef Alex will also be discussing some things you should know about cooking for Thanksgiving! This will be one cooking show that you will all be thankful for because it will help you out come this Thanksgiving!!! 

    Topics for this show:

    -Perfect tips for cooking the perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

    -Some Good Side Dishes for Thanksgiving

    -Fresh vs. Frozen Vegetable Debate?

    -What are some good uncommon dishes to serve for Thanksgiving?

    -Ways to use Left over thanksgivng food

    Plus, Chef Alex has some delicious recipes for Thanksgiving including:

    -Chef Alex's Mushroom Rice Stuffing

    -Chef Alex's Sausage Stuffing

    -Chef Alex's Mac and Cheese

    -Mashed Potatos and More


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    REAL FOOD with Chef Val

    in Food

    Look, it's a bird, it's a plane, No, it's super radish, daikon! With all its incredible healing properties and health benefits, it is definitely a super food! A long, thick, white vegetable, looks like a large carrot, that most people have seen but are afraid to use, is daikon. It is in the radish family, but the taste is not as strong as the small, red, round, very pungent ones most people recognize. I, myself, am not a fan of the small red ones, but I love daikon. When you put this power packed vegetable in stews and soups it cooks up to be sweet in taste. Listen as I share, LIVE on air, the history of this Daikon and my Naturally Fermented Daikon Pickles on this episode of REAL FOOD with Chef Val. 

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    Triple F With The Chef

    in Food

    #Beyonce fans Attack #RachelRay and your not going to believe why..

    #Chipolte is set to give away #FREE food to #Teachers May 3rd

    A Restaurant that isnt even open for business yet already has 1,500 Reservations?? click here to find out where it is & the bizarre reason why...

    Does size matter??The Nations top Fast Food Chain is set to "Re-Invent" one of their Iconic burgers

    its almost unbelievable what Copper that is heated up to 1,948 degrees does to a 5LB blocl of cheddar.. Video Here


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    REAL FOOD with Chef Val

    in Food

    Come take a journey to start eating healthy, REAL FOOD with Chef Val. The topic of this episode is Daikon. A very, cleansing, nutritious vegetable. Val will be sharing her easy, Roasted Daikon, reicpe. And also on this episode you will learn all about cooking for the Sping Season, according to the 'Five Transformations of Energy'. Which is the study of the changing seasons, the energy associated with them, and the foods that are emphasized at this time. Chef Val has been teaching healthy, vegan, macrobiotic cooking classes in the state of Michigan for 19 years. Please tune in and let her share her passion for cooking and her knowledge of REAL FOOD! The Truth is Ovservable, and when you eat healthy, whole foods, the way our ancestors did, you will know that the food you eat affects your health. 

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    Chef Cardinale's Cooking Show Special: 2014 Relaunch of the CCCS!

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    On this show, Chef Alex Cardinale relaunches the Chef Cardinale's Cooking Show! Alex has had a lot going on in his life but is happy to bring back the Chef Cardinale's Cooking show! We have a special episode in store for you!

    Topics for this show include: Untold stories of how the Chef Cardinale's Cooking Show was created, Grilling tips and tricks from Chef George Norrell, Many delicious recipes from Chef Alex including his homemade macaroni and cheese and red velvet cake, and much more!!!!!!

    Chef Alex will also take a blast from the past and play some of his favorite callers of all time on the CCCS!

    Chef George Norrell and Chef Russell Sakay will be our guests of the show!



    1.) CALL IN AT 8:20 PM EST AT 646-716-6458 DIAL 1 AND STATE THE FOLLOWING:




    Enjoy our relaunch episode!


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    Cooking School with Chef Alex on AVN: The Importance of Food Safety

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    Chef Alex has gone to Culinary school for 5 years. He has completed a Culinary Arts course and recieved a Certificate. I'm also Serv-Safe Certified and OSHA Certified so should I ever decide to return to a kitchen I could. I am looking to give back what I learned in my 5 years of Cooking school to all of you my listeners. I want to teach you everything from a proffesional standpoint so you can be the best chef you can!

    Our first topic I am going to be speak about is Food Safety. A course that I've had to study each year in culinary school. What exactly is food safety? It's literally the science behind the food, the bacteria in the food we eat, and things like that.

    Topics for the show:

    ~ How to keep Food Safe

    ~ Temperate Danger Zone

    ~ What is Cross contamination and how can it be avoided

    ~ AND MORE!



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    Cooking with Petey Nature

    in Indie Music

    Freddie Cole is an Executive Chef and a Christn Hip Hop/ Reggae artist.He's a native of Laurinburg, NC and a native of Bronx, NY. At the age of 16 Freddie decided to take up commercial foods in Scotland High school where he fell in love with baking wedding cakes.
    He also watched his Mom cook Soul food for years and he began to cook at home duplicating his Mom's recipes. Freddie made up in his mind that he was going to further his new love for cooking by going to Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI.
    He wasted no time and went to culinary School as soon as he graduated from Scotland High. He also had another love that he was really good at which was creating music.
    He didn't want to put down one dream to pick up the other, so he decided to take both music and Culinary Arts serious.
    People kept telling him to focus on one thing at a time but he knew in his heart that he needed to stick to doing both careers together. Now after staying focused for 20 years Chef Freddie is now well know nationally and internationally for being good at both food and music.
    Freddie has worked hard to become an Entrepreneur today and he owns 3 businesses today. He owns Taste the world gourmet catering, Exzotic Cheesecakes by Chef Freddie Cole, and a Record company called Un4saken Records.
    After all the years of doing both careers it is very clear to Freddie that he should be doing all his talents and love for the Gospel together to glorify the Kingdom of God. It is a honor for him to feed your souls with the passion he puts in his music and food.
    Today Freddie is working on his biggest project yet bringing everything together for people to enjoy and learn at the same time with his new Cooking show called Cooking with Petey Nature.

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    REAL FOOD with Chef Val

    in Food

    Come take a journey with me on my radio show, as I teach how easy it can be to incorporate healthy eating in to your life. On this episode I will continue to talk all about the strong healing properties of CINNAMON and share my Cinnamon Rolls recipe. I am excited to walk you through how to make dough from scratch and then create sweet, sticky, rich, cinnamon rolls that will make your taste buds jump for joy! My Cinnamon Rolls are made with; no refined sugar, organic whole wheat flour, and all vegan. I have a real passion for cooking all things healthy! I have been in the food industry for over 24 years, and have taught cooking classes for the past 19 years. www.macroval.com. 

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    Cooking With Scott

    in Food

    Join me as I share recipes every week