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Friends: The Truth About Secrets

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Do you have a friend who shares your private information too freely? Do you make it clear if information is private, or rely on your friend’s judgment?

"Secrecy… is the practice of hiding information from certain individuals or groups, perhaps while sharing it with other individuals... " - Wikipedia.

SECRET 1: Temporarily Confidential.
SECRET 2: Difficult Decision. Your husband’s friend flirted with you when he was drunk…
SECRET 3: When a secret is a betrayal.
SECRET 4: Those areas of your life that are off limits - sex life or pay check?
SECRET 5: Bully secrets. Lance Armstrong kept his secrets about using “performance enhancing drugs” by intimidating and threatening his buddies.

Animals have secrets too!  

"Animals conceal the location of their den or nest from predators. Squirrels bury nuts, hiding them, and they try to remember their locations later." – Wikipedia

Revealing Family Secrets

"Many "family secrets" are maintained by using a mutually agreed-upon construct (an official family story) when speaking with outside members." - Wikipedia.

Family structures are clear and run deep – you don’t want to be cast out of your tribe.

Friend honor isn’t talked about, but when we’re dealing with close friends it should be. Remember… a great friend starts with you!

For more information and secrets and truth blog go to www.superfriendgroups.com. Tennis image by: Carine06 UK.