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What's Life Like Living as A Conservative in a Liberal State

  • Broadcast in Politics
Doreen La Guardia

Doreen La Guardia


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How to get along as a conservative in a liberal state.  First recognize that your "conservatism "is a reaction to their LIBERAL EXTREMIST IDEAS. Then, work on them. Try the following technique.1. Distract them.  If you think of ways to keep them busy then they wont have time to scream about healthcare, racsim or whatever casue they take up.   2.  Get them drunk.  Sure enough, in a recent study of 85 bar patrons, blood alcohol content was related to increased political conservatism for liberals and conservatives alike. The drinkers still knew whether they were liberal or conservative, of course. But when asked how much they agreed with a variety of statements of political principles—like, “Production and trade should be free of government interference”—higher blood alcohol content was associated with giving more conservative answers. 3. Time Pressure. In another study reported in the same paper, participants were asked how much they endorsed a variety of politically tinged words, like “authority” and “civil rights.” In one study condition, they had to see the term and respond to it in about 1.5 seconds; in the other condition, they had 4 seconds to do so.  Subjects under time pressure were more likely to endorse conservative terms.  4. Cleanliness and Purity  were asked political questions near a hand sanitizer, or asked to use a hand wipe before responding, also showed a rightward shift. In this case, political conservatism was being tied not to distraction, but rather, to disgust sensitivity—an emotional response to preserve bodily purity.  5. Fear.  To be discussed on the show

Hosts: Doreen La Guardia, Cisco Acosta

Panelists:  Luther Mays and Joe Sinagra