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Roadmap to Freedom

Roadmap to Freedom


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There are two major political philosophies in America – liberalism and conservatism. Neither has the power to solve our current or future political, economic, or social problems and create long-term stability, universal prosperity, and freedom where individuals and families can thrive.

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The Idaho Legislature has been working on something that would work rather than to expand Medicaid for over 6 years. The expansion is full of problems not known to the general public but when outside money comes in to run a campaign... more

Understanding the media can certainly help you understand what they report and why they report the way they do. Media influence can and does affect our freedoms. It is important for individuals who want a free society to learn how to... more

Education of children first and foremost is the responsibility of the parent. It may be true that there are some parents who inadvertently and perhaps even intentionally avoid that responsibility, but that does not justify any state... more

Senator Thayn talks about a couple of bills that are currently in legislation

Steven Thayn looks at what public policy is hard to create because of fisheye syndrome.

Post-election commentary. Now that the voters have voted for something they did not understand, what are the consequences and what happens because of it? Who has to pay for the freebies they thought they were going to get?... more

Individuals and families are the center of society. As the family declines, so does society. As families strengthen, so does society. Government should be used to empower individuals and families. The family is ignored by policymakers and its... more

Math and Parents. What does that have to do with freedom? Senator Thayn discusses why general education skills are important for parents to teach their children. Learn why and how this affects our basic freedoms. Check in and find... more

How many people actually look at the problems with debt-financing today's expenses? Senator Thayn looks at what sort of problems are created and is any thing really solved other than temporaily putting a patch over a bigger long-term... more

Steven Thayn takes a look at the problems with ideologies. If you find that one political ideology does not quite represent your thinking, this morning will be an eye-opener.