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Human By Day; Zeta By Night author Judy Carroll

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
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Judy Carroll is an Australian author, Tai Chi and Reiki Master, who has been experiencing conscious contact with the Extraterrestrial Race sometimes known as the ‘Greys’ for 50 years. In her  series of books, she tells about these experiences and what she has learned from her ongoing encounters. Her work sheds light on the often misunderstood Zetas.

Carroll’s lifelong encounters have always been with the off-planet visitors known as the Zetas, which has given her deep insight into the field of ET/Human contact. At age 30 she had a fully conscious daytime encounter in which she recognized the visitors as “family.” In 1995, during an encounter at a sacred site in England, the visitors asked her to start writing books about contact from the extraterrestrial perspective.

"THE ZETA MESSAGE", a non-fiction book, is the story of Judy's own life and contact experiences, as well as  giving a detailed account  of a family, who in the year 2000, suddenly found themselves caught up in full-on and seemingly frightening contact involving flashing lights, black-clad figures appearing in bedrooms, and children waking, screaming in terror. Introduced by a mutual friend, Judy assisted this family to open up to deeper levels of understanding as the fear barrier was gradually broken down to reveal incredible depths of love and conscious awareness. In "HUMAN BY DAY, ZETA BY NIGHT", many fascinating teachings and messages are subtly woven into the story-line, with Ali and her fellow Zetas helping us to understand more about the expansion of Human consciousness through the ongoing process of soul evolution. In-depth information is also provided on the Zetas themselves, as well as on Human/ET contact, crop circles, ET implants, star children, Angels, God, Universal Consciousness and the coming energy shift in 2012 – 13. Visit her website at: http://www.ufogreyinfo.com