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Straight Talk w Dean and Marc

Straight Talk with Dean and Marc


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“Straight Talk with Dean and Marc is a podcast that touches many aspects of our society ranging from politics and social justice to entertainment and sports. We feature guests from various backgrounds who motivate, encourage and provide tools to pursue goals and dreams whether those dreams are entrepreneurial, corporate or personal. The show is hosted by Marc Lee and Dean Geronimo. Here's what some of our past guests are saying about the show.... It's people like Marc that care about the little guys like me that make the sun shine and the flowers grow. Listening to his podcast has become the high point of my week..... Cliff Latshaw, President at Newbasstone. It was a delightful, interesting, and fun interview that felt more like a conversation with an old friend as Marc Lee and I talked about the book and related topics and swapped a few stories. Dean pitched in some comments along the way. Peter Davidson, Author. As a guest on the show, I enjoyed the conversation about the connection between science and art, between activism and Afrofuturism. Marc has been a longtime friend and supporter of the Arts, especially regarding blues music and film, and it was easy having this conversation. Dean carried us down the road with his politically informed charm. I look forward to being back on the show to pick up where we left off and to carry us into what Sun Ra would say, The Spaceways! Darrell Stover, Poet and Educator You have such a wonderful radio voice and a great demeanor with your guests on your blogtalkradio show "Straight Talk With Dean and Marc." I had fun talking with you about my new book "Dear Passenger: Welcome to My Wacky World as a Flight Attendant." I hope all our friends tune in for an entertaining time. - Elizabeth Calwell, Flight attendant and author...

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On this show, it is our priviledge to have Tabitha Scaife on ...This amazing lady is determined to inspire many... She is a 30 pluus year seasoned writer and has poems published as well as three books, Over the last several years, she has been constructing a consortium of individualized characters, my most treasured family of characters are my "VEGGIE HIGH" troop. They have been specifically created to address HUMAN PROBLEMS; CHALLENGE OUR MENTALITIES and CONCEPTS from a non human realm judgementally or categorically. In addition we also have a gentleman who will talk about Community Policing and Law Enforcement in general...Dr. Alfred S. Titus, Jr. is a twenty-three year retired veteran of the New York City Police Department where he served in NYPD's distinguished Homicide Squad and as a member of NYPD's prestigious and world renowned Hostage Negotiation/Conflict Resolution Team. His achievements and successes in numerous high-profile investigations, case work, and work in the community, earned him recognition in the form of promotion to Detective-First Grade. While in NYPD, Detective Titus continued his pursuit of education through New York State Certification as a Police Topics Instructor through the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, a Masters degree in Public Policy and Administration specializing in Criminal Justice through NYPD scholarship, lecturing in NYPD's Citizen Police Academy on Homicide Investigations, and earning his PhD in Public Policy and Administration specializing in Criminal Justice. And, last but not certainly not least, we have noted Medical professional Lipi Roy who will talk about addiction and how we treat addiction in society..should be a lively conversation so please join us on this Monday night....Dr. Roy's expertise also includes nutrition and mindfulness...Her work has carried her to Duke and Riker's island..
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