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The Light of Divine Truth rids me of all shadow forms of false ideas generated by the world of narrow sensory perceptions.  Today I open my heart to Divine Revelations of Truth and I speak aloud what is revealed in my soul: I am made in the image and likeness of the Living One that is the All-In-All. In me is the Intelligence that creates All-That-Is. In me is the Love that is the nature of the Living One that breathes in me, as me and for me in every moment. The Omnipresence is fully present right here where I am. All of my needs are met in the now of now. Every solution is provided before I think to ask. I am guided by the Living Loving Intelligence of the Most High – the All-Knowing One. My way is made clear. Good and only Good meets me on my path. Everywhere I go there is G-d and only G-d. Everything I see is G-d and only G-d. All shadows dissolve in this Supernal Light, and I am set free from my bondage to false ideas.  The activation of the Divine Element of Truth lifts my emotions to their highest level of expression and purpose.  I have the assurance of balance, stability, and mastery of my feelings, desires, and impulses.  All self-destructive behaviors are transmuted at the roots.  The Light of OmniPresent Love heals me at the core of my being. I am free in the Light of Truth. Truth sets me free. There is no one on this Earth or in Creation who is made better than I AM. There is no one who has a gift of true Life greater than mine. The One Power in me is the One Power in everyone and the color of the paint job never matters nor the color of the windows of the eyes nor the texture of the roof covering. Their heart is transplantable in me and mine in them. There is no difference in the Soul Force I truly Am and this true for every one of us called human.  I arise in my rightful place of Freedom and I acknowledge everyone as Free! There are no bondsmen or women and no servants. God in us and as us is FREE!