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 The right of the people to keep and bear arms.

That's the plan folks, that keeps us free. It does not say the right to bear muskets. It is specifically worded for the latest state of the art. When an enemy shows up with more firepower than you have, you lose. Related arms in the revolutionary war were 16 lb cannons , grapeshot etc. LET US NOT FORGET YORKTOWN. When 10,000 French troops under General Rochambeau and the French fleet under Admiral De Grasse blocked the British from landing reinforcements. We won with extra firepower.Classrooms today are the battlefield.

Those who take your guns away intend to kill you. When the German people asked Hitler why he was taking their guns away? He replied, Why do you need guns?  You have the SS to protect you. KNOCK KNOCK WHO IS THERE?

When comrade Obama the Czar of the communist democrat party and his media presslings pardoned 5900 drug dealers. He put 5900 illegal gun merchants on the street. He said their crimes were harmless as long as you don't buy the Chinese fentynal with AK47's. Criminals don't buy legal guns and an illegal gun like an UZI can be bought from any drug dealer. Get rid of drugs get rid of illegal guns. 

One man stands alone no charge in spite of dungeon , fire and sword. He has the faith of our fathers, He needs 65 Senators that are Trumpeteers. He needs the people.  Rinos won't help and Democrat communists won't even help the DACA people.votes. Trump's victory is our victory.  look at the phony charges they have tried . If he had been allowed to forge ahead more than he already did, the country would be in better shape. So who did the party of death to little children hurt? They hurt you and me. Sound the TRUMPET. STOMP the grapes of wrath people. more WHine. Strike for your country. To Arms To Arms. The commies are coming.