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American naivite was created in the communist reeducation system. All over the world communism is growing including among the Useless of A. Today FRANCE WILL VOTE COMMUNIST. ANY DEMONSTRATOR WITH A FACE MASK/SCARF IS A COMMUNIST TERRORIST. They should be arrested and sent to prison after we learn their backgrounds and backers. Over the past 50 years the label communists have been intimidating Americans. with labels like racist, hobo phobe, McCarthyite, and the best one is right winger.

Do you know what the communist definition of right winger is? A Christian. That is why you cannot be a Christian and a democrat.

Jesus says you cannot serve two masters. You will hate one and love the other. The democrat party which brought us to Nam leaves you on the battlefield to die just like Benghazi. Then they promise they will never run again. Ten minutes after Nixon got them off the hook They blamed him for Nam. THEY ARE THE MASTERS OF BLAME AND DEFLECT. This party of death to little children has no GOD, No Country, No flag, (they voted to burn it 40 days before 911 calling it freedom of communist speech. They threw GOD out two conventions ago and they call child murder Choice. (for who?) Now they are in the baby parts business. 

THEY WANT TO LEGALIZE DRUGS FOR TAX REVENUE. THE MORE JUNKIES THE MORE TAXES. THE SMALLER THE GOVERNMENT THE SAFER THE PEOPLE. They hate the SSB and the pledge. They worship Colon Capon Neck FOR SPITTING ON AMERICA WITH A RACE CARD. They go total Bolshevik when Tim Tebow takes a knee for Jesus. The rebel flag was communist practice for their real goal the stars and stripes.Then comes the cross. The ACLU faking civil rights was founded by Roger Baldwin a communist. Goal destroy GOD and Country. 

Gospel blacks and viva Christo rey latinos must evacuate the party of death. How many latino candidates for democrat president?

Not one. How many Black candidates for president? not one.