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The republicans had 17 candidates. A basket full of Greeks, Italians, Latinos, Women, Germans, Indians from India. Top qualified African Americans not a race card placebo like when we ended up with the vanilla fudger. On the clubhouse side, the party of death to jobs and kids presents two white yesteryear candidates. One who can't answer 3:00 am phone calls and a communist who sings this land is my  land as he takes your land. You need to see how communism works before you run away. Fidel Castro is worth more than 670 million dollars and a Cuban doctor makes $24.00 a week. Hugi Chavez seized Chevron oil and big American Corporations. He gave Putin 1.8 billion dollars for A47's and his people have no toilet paper and they got a four day work week with no pay. Putin is the richest man in Russia but the people are hurting. Communism works great for the man on top.Everbody else is under suspicion. The party of death kicked GOD out at the last convention. See you tube. Abortion is the greatest single crime made into a law denying the civil  rights of the growing child  by calling him and her fetal tissue. If a murderer kills a pro life pregnant mother that fiend is only charged with one murder not two. How sick is that? Two hundred pro life babies died on 911with their pro life mothers and were not included in the death count. We have no Intelligence and the president abandons Navy ships to Iranian fisherman. President Stand Down and Madam La Farce left troops to die in Benghazi and with the help of the communist media covered up the murders Under this American imposter two million classified documents fell into enemy hands. One convicted spy got a sex change operationand too the Clinton name Chelsea. The other big spy was alleged KGB agent Snowden who fled to China then Russia. The  USSA communists called him a free speech hero. ONLY TRUMP CAN SAVE US NOW.Ted Cruz is owned by Goldman SAX. Trump is jam tight, jelly free.