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America is being trained and communist house broken like Pavlov's dogs. Soon all America will wait for the ringing of the bell to run and eat Michelle O'Bama's health food. Not only are our hands tied but so are our tongues. We are almost ready to be served up to the new world disorder. Throw in global worming and we also have bi polar disorder North and South.

Mexico is giving up weed smuggling to Junkie Colorado. Instead they are smuggling in Obama Invaders. Siphoning off 10% of the good looking kids for slavery and prostitution. I wonder if congress is buying weed futures under the protection of their inside traitoring agreement amongst themselves. Anybody else goes to jail.

We are quickly going to learn that the Rinos are no different than the party de la muerte. The party that has no flag and no babies. Oh I forgot no country either. Have you forgotten the vote taken at the democratzi convention? To leave the GOD of patriots out. Three voting times they shouted no GOD.The last time the vote counter pretended the majority wanted GOD. But he lied. Go to You tube see for yourself.

I watched the top dog of the defense intel dept. now retiring and being replace by a non radical moslem (only joking). While liitle christian boys and girls are being buried alive by moslems (I don't differentiate) we are debating the word radical. It reminds me of Clinton sayimg we can help the blacks in ruanda because they have not reached the definition of genocide.

Genocide is when they top one million and the dead are only at 850,000. The word radical is not in the Koran or the Arab dictionary. It is a communist party (formerly democrat party) buzzword.