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Ontario Sasquatch Research, Bigfoot, Cryptozoology, Field Research, Audio Analysis, Vocalizations, Interpretations. If you have always had an interest in bigfoot, sasquatch, interpretation and actual field research on the subject the you have found another portal to explore. Especially for those of you who are doing research in Ontario, Canada. Sasquatch has long eluded researchers yet there are many who refuse to give up the search. From those of you who first gained an interest after watching "The Legend of Boggy Creek" to those who have reviewed the Snelgrove lake video in Northern Ontario, everything points in the right direction but still seems inconclusive. As this search continues, we, as a collective, continue to absorb and learn by those around us who share the same thoughts and theories. Simply Sasquatch is there for all of those who want to be part of the learning process....because it never ends. Your hosts Jason Goldring (The Ticking Mind) and Timothy D. Ervick (Squatchers) hope to provide you with a wealth of insight and information about the world of Sasquatch as it happens. Enjoy!

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Perhaps a change for the better, Simply Sasquatch radio will be hosting a show for the first time on Talk Shoe radio. http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/96529 Showtime is at 11:45am; We have setup a brief episode on Blogtalk to explain the... more

What happens when you come across something that you really want to explore further - but proving it to others seems like a futile effort? How far do you go before you give up or try to drive the idea even further? And where do you really... more

We did not do a show the past weekend as we went through March break, holidays, work, etc. Now we are back and there is lots on the go. Join us this week on SS radio and if you can, join us on the show in the chat or call in!

New ideas have lead to some initiatives which might help bring us closer to Sasquatch, if we get the process right. But in reality, the chances of being able to obtain solid evidence that such a species exists remains only possible to those... more

Perhaps considered one of the more important things about sasquatch research. How to communicate your information without jeopardizing the actual location and giving away critical details that need to remain quiet until the time is right.

We cannot say that winter really puts a damper on squatching. If anything, it gives us the time to review and reflect of the whole subject matter. Those occasional warm days we might pop out for a few hours in the bush but it is not until spring... more

A down to earth look at how we can cover up our presence in the bush, to maximize the potential for spotting or hearing something. The smallest most subtle footprint can lead to the biggest discoveries. We must also remember,... more

A few people have asked this question, it's their first time out in the field and so how do you prepare yourself? What do you bring? What do you leave at home? How do you maximize your time in the field? And of course, what you may... more

Recently, Tim & I had a chat about some of the topics, past and present, that we have brought up on Simply Sasquatch Radio. It's been mentioned a few times that some of these topics are worthy of a whole episode dedicated to them, and... more

The move is done, we have relocated to a new location and we are ready to roll with a new episode of Simply Sasquatch Radio, your "ultimate" resource for Bigfoot & Sasquatch related information. Much to talk about during this episode,... more
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