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The news In Review - Barrett and Guests

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Simon Barrett

Simon Barrett


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Ukraine and MH17 continues on. The Dutch are a stoic people, I thought the ceremony to receive the first of the bodies was conducted with great restraint. No speeches,no commentary, just great respect for the victims.

The Israel/Palestine conflict also rumbles on. While it is a forgone conclusion about who will win but the jury is out on the cost in human lives?

FAA suspends flights to Israel for a day, was this a politically motivated action?

In sports... Baltimore ravens Ray Rice has been suspended for two games for rendering his GF unconscious during a  spat. the NFL is sending a message, you can beat the crap out of your gf/wife, its not our biz, but do something unseemly on the field it will be 4 or 6 games that you will be bench warming.

In Politics... Nero fiddles while Rome burns. The GOP is grumpy that Obama is out fundraising while we have so much going on. The mexican border crisis, Ukraine, Israel, etc. Haha, this is a no win situation. If the GOP want to do something, do it. Because if Obama does it, there will be hell to pay. In other words, it is situation normal in Washington.Boy, I'll bet the House and Senate are looking forward to having August off to relax after a session doing jack all!