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    DC customers pay 15 million extra because shortfall in DC-based solar facilities

    in Energy

    Betty Ann Kane Chairman (PSC)
    Betty Ann Kane Chairman (PSC) Letter To Chairman Mendelson DC Council To Reverse7.5 million from the Renewable Energy Development Fund and re-programed it to the District’s general fund.
    Dear Chairman Mendelson;
    I am writing to repeat my strong opposition to your proposal to take $7.5 million from the Renewable Energy Development Fund and move it to the General Fund in the FY 2018 budget.
    Please vote tomorrow to right this wrong.
    Because it is wrong—very wrong.
    The money in the Renewable Energy Development Fund is restricted by law for use in developing renewable energy resources, and in particular to support the Solar For All program to lower the electricity bills of at least 100,000 low income District resident customers.  The Renewable Energy Development Fund was specifically set up by the Council to operate without fiscal year limitation.  The Fund is SUPPOSED to have a balance at the end of the fiscal year—it’s the best way to allow multi-year planning and commit support so projects that don’t have to stop and start every 12 months.
    Warren Leon, executive director of the Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA)
    The Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) is a national, nonprofit coalition of public agencies and organizations working together to advance clean energy. CESA members—mostly state agencies— include many of the most innovative, successful, and influential public funders of clean energy initiatives in the country.
    CESA works with state leaders, federal agencies, industry representatives, and other stakeholders to develop and promote clean energy technologies and markets. It supports effective state and local policies, programs, and innovation in the clean energy generation sector, with an emphasis on renewable energy, financing strategies, and economic development. 

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    Pulling our Heartstrings

    in Psychology

    Short introduction to what "Heartstrings" will be about, when you can tune in and how often I will broadcast.
    3 Things you can Do Now
    Connection. Conversation. Follow Up. Hear something, Say Something, Do Something...be part of the change that shifts into a safe mental health culture by fostering connection, engaging in conversation & following up to spread awareness and prevention of suicide. Each episode will have a "Hear Me Now" segment where I will address the topic of Suicide and all the issues surrounding this complex situation. I will do my best to get genuine voices of Suicide Survivors & their loved ones, those around them who are affected to tell their stories & share a glimpse on how we can help each other.

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    Season 1, Episode 19, Season Finale; The Chemical Attack on the Original People

    in Science

    Dr. Wesley Muhammad is an American author, historian, professor, scholar, and a minister in the Nation of Islam. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA, graduating with honors in 1994. In 2003, Dr. Muhammad received a master's degree in Islamic Studies from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), whence he also received a Ph.D. in Islamic Studies with a focus on Early Theological Development in Islam. Dr. Muhammad’s doctoral work included training in Classical Arabic, Biblical Hebrew, German and French and he conducts research in those languages. Twice as a graduate student Dr. Muhammad’s research earned him the highly honored, Great Books of Islam Prize, given out by the Center For Middle East and Near Eastern Studies at the University of Michigan. Dr. Muhammad has recently delievered a series of lectures about the chemical assault on orginal people of the earth. especially by means of one the most controversial recreational drugs, in the world, cannibis, otherwise known as marijuana. 

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    Innovation and sustainability

    in Environment

    Headlines around innovation and entrepreneurship
    How to apply the new knowledge your businesses Explore how the I.D.E.A.L. framework applies to this news Call in questions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4aQRwPdGVlM

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    The Dream of a Solarized Northwest Indiana Persists Despite Changes in Laws

    in Environment

    Host Kathy Sipple speaks with Madi Hirschland of the Hoosier Solar Initiative Steering Committee about the group's current efforts statewide, training opportunities and how you can get involved.

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    The Social Networking Effect - Pioneering The Next Generation Of Innovation

    in Psychology

    Listen to this indepth discussion , with the Founder Of Mental Health News Radio Network and The Pioneer Of The Social Media Awareness Industry and how the generational gap is being closed with understanding and commincation between those who are doing and not talking and by those who see potential in the younger geneation but for profit but for purpose. 
    www.T heSocialNetworkingEffect.com

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    Changing Channels: Understanding Your Vibration Frequencies|Guest Henry Haney

    in Energy

    Most of us reflect often on how time has sped up. The days seem to be getting shorter without giving much thought to the concept of time. The concept of time, Our energies, are illusions given to Us for the purpose of control. There is so much about Us as a People that has been lost.
    Each of Us is a mass of energy and Our bodies, a unique Universe. The hair of Indigenous Peoples is like the coils of DNA strains, the body’s code tied to the Universe is Our antennas.  NOW is the time for each of Us to open up the portals of which We were born with, innately, so that We could prepare for the phenomena awaiting Us.
     Join Niecey LaShelle and co-host, Thugangel, on “Mocha Masseuse Talk Back” as we welcome our special guest, Henry Haney for this segment, ‘Understanding your vibration frequencies, reconnecting, realignment, and maneuvering through distractions which are meant to keep You disconnected’.
    ‘Mocha Masseuse Talk Back’ airs Wednesday nights, 9PM EST, 8PM CST, 6PM PST. To listen to the show, call (646) 787-8474. Press (1) to be added to cue and join in on the conversation to ask questions or share your comments. We’ll call the last 4 digits of your number, reference Skype or Anonymous callers if that’s you, or you could join the discussion in the chat room on blogtalkradio.com/theghettotruthmagazineinstereo
    *** Disclaimer: The topics on ‘Mocha Masseuse’ are expressed as opinions only. No legal or professional advice is given on the show forum. The journey and pursuit of Truth and facts is the responsibility of each individual through their own discovery.

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    What Do You Mean My Daughter Is Borderline?-Nikki Preece

    in Psychology

    A Borderline diagnosis is based on a person with significant mood swings and distress, and a weak sense of self explained Nikki Preece LSCW, Ex. Dir. of Fulshear Transition (TX) to Lon May 17, 2017.  This comes from a poor relationship with others and with herself continued Preece, which comes from a person who does not know who they are.  Listen to Preece describe a very confusing and chaotic person whose confusing relationships seems to alternate between Go Away, and Stay With Me.   [Our thanks to Rich Simpson, owner of Pathways Abroad for providing our intro music]
    Contact:  Nikki Preece   888-317-9229 www.FulshearTransition.com  
    Lon Woodbury 208-267-7717 lonwoodbury@gmail.com http://www.scoop.it/u/lon-woodbury
    This is one of a series of short interviews about new developments in the network of private, parent-choice residential schools and programs helping struggling teens and young adults. The guests are innovative leaders in this network.  To hear other interviews in this series, click on "Follow" above, or click on  The Woodbury Report .

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    Understand Why You Take Responsibility For The Behavior Of Others

    in Psychology

    It feels very natural to take responsitility for the behavior of others. You try to understand why he hits you, why she cheats, why mom or dad is disinterested is you. It's not that you don't have some responsibility, but it is important to seperate your "stuff" and how others treat you. Understanding this is critical for establishing a higher functioning self image and relationships. 

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    Menstrual Tinctures Class

    in Energy

    Uplcoing class on Friday. Menstrual Tinctures for Success, Love , Money, Sex, etc
    Money Group Mentioned in this call sign up here:
    Female Sexual Archtypes and Occult Group Mentioned int his call sign up here:
    Contact me for additional informaiton: healinglovecenter@gmail.com

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    Becoming a Physician Leader 101:Linda J. Morris, MD

    in Medicine

    Linda J. Morris, MD  has extensive experience both as a internist and a physician leader. Dr. Morris enjoyed a long career both as a physician and physician leader in the VA system. From her beginnings as filling in as a leader in the Emergency Department, her skills and success as a physician leader culminated in becoming Chief of Staff at the VA in Martinsburg, VA. Dr. Morris is now a skilled and experienced leadership coach.
    In today's podcast, we discuss Dr. Morris' journey as a physician leader, why healthcare needs physician leaders and why leadership is a natural extension of being a physician, the skills and development required to become a physician leader, levels of leadership, and how to explore physician leadership.

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