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Sai Maa is a spiritual luminary with a mission of global enlightenment through practical spirituality and personal transformation.

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A Wealthy Life from the Greatness Within
  • by Sai Maa
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Om Jai Jai Sai Maa Thank you for joining Sai Maa and our global community today for this live program. Sai Maa offered this call from Japan, and we regret that the ending of the program was abrupt due to technical challenges.

Le produit homéopathique sera disponible au Darshan à Montréal.

Ne manquez pas l'opportunité d'être avec les Brahmacharis de Sai Maa: Dayananda, Lalita Shree Dasi et Tyagananda Das, ce dimanche 22 janvier de 9h00 à 9h45 heure de Denver, de 11h à 11h45 - heure de... more

Through our participation in the Living Life Divine Global Unity Retreat, we will come to understand how to truly Live Life Divine—a life lived from the ease, grace and fulfillment that comes with aligning with the divine in us, in others, and... more

El 22 de octubre--a una hora sincronizada--te invitamos a unirte a miles de personas a lo largo del globo para iluminar la conciencia colectiva de la humanidad mediante una Meditación Global Sincronizada. Esta... more

Temoignages sur l'impact du Chemin Mystique Profond

Great love to you all at this auspicious time of our Beloved Maa's birthday. We invite all to come together--from throughout the world--for a 20 minute meditation of divine alignment. The day of incarnation of a Master offers a great... more

Sai Maa will address the world on a live Global Address at the very special and auspicious time leading up to Sai Maa's Birthday on August 2. On the Global Address Sai Maa will share the knowledge, Shakti activations and opportunities... more

Ce week-end évènement extraordinaire offrira des enseignements divers et puissants qui vous aideront à créer activement votre façon de vivre chaque moment de votre vie. En quittant le week-end... more
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