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Simple Facts of Life

Simple Facts of Life


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There are laws of nature (physical & human) that must be dealt with as they are. We'll explore what happens when policy makers ignore those laws.

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As the never-ending saga of the "Impeach 45" movement continues, the situation with the Democrats and their clown show of wannabe candidates is becoming more and more ridiculous. Today, I'll try to make some sense (or nonsense)... more

With House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announcing an impeachment inquiry over President Trump's call to the Ukrainian president, the political stakes have been raised. And the facts of the case seem to be more and more muddled. Will this... more

Last week, the left attempted to sell some "new revalations" about Justice Brett Kavanaugh, which turned out to be neither new nor revealing. The only thing that was revealed is that the entire smear campaign was nothing more than... more

With every new story about a shooting, the leftist gun-grabbers come up with some new & improved way to deprive the citizens of their constitutional rights. The latest big thing is trying to implement extreme risk protection orders, also known... more

Today I'll talk a little more about the tragic passing of our dear friend Kel Fritzi, and about the special tribute today on Global Ptriot Radio. There are some events that are so profound that everyone remembers exactly where they were... more

In this special episode of Simple Facts of Life Radio, I'll report on the tragic passing of one of the great believers in personal liberty, personal resposibility, & personal acountability. A crushing loss for many of us. Serious issues. Hard to... more

Leftists say that the reason that socialism hasn't been successful is that nobody ever really tried to properly implement it. They're wrong. Today, I'll discuss the way that socialism has been done, and and how it has achieved the intended... more

In 1971, Saul Alinsky published "Rules for Radicals" which became a guide for "community organizers" and other leftits. But is President Trump turning the tables on the left by using those same rules against them. I'll explore this possibility... more

The death of high-profile sleezebag Jeffrey Epstein has conspiracy theorists running rampant. Many Americans are simply not buying the story. And the memes have exploded all over the internet. I'd like to bring some sanity to this... more

Whenever a mass shooting occurs, it seems that everybody is looking for a reason, and seeking to assign blame. Today, I'll put a new spin on an old talking point, as i try to get to the root cause of this madness. It might not be what you... more