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The sky’s the limit on my show! Talks can center around growth, spirituality, Buddhism, clairvoyance, energy, relationships, health, love, career, past lives, life path and more. Enjoy!

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Well good evening gentlemen, I hope that you had a wonderful holiday season, it's still considered Christmastime and so maybe this is a nice respite for you from over eating and having too much fun ha ha! Tonight we're talking to the men... more

Hi everyone, this is for the ladies! All the single ladies to be exact! Everyone is looking for love these days and online dating is definitely a great option. A lot of my clients are having difficulty navigating these online dating sites and... more

Recently I had an amazing experience meeting with the Latvian community at a Christmas bazaar and I wanted to share about how magical it was. That day was full of serendipity and listening to my intuition and it led to some really... more

Good evening everyone, I wanted to touch base and to leave some thoughts of mine about rekindling your childhood joy! We all have something from our childhood that we enjoyed, whether we had an ideal childhood or not, there's... more

Hi everyone, hope everyone is well! I haven't been on in a little while I wanted to update and to share a few thoughts on giving and receiving. Many of us have a hard time receiving because we've been the givers, but how do we receive?

Good evening everyone! Wanted to share a few things about burn out, especially for those who are givers, our caretakers, many many of my clients fall into this category. Just a short blog about how to start recovering from burn out. Hope it... more

A few years back a gifted psychic and spiritual work or that I know taught me about the body pendulum. Budi pendulum work is really fun and it's really great when wanting a clear YES or NO answer to a question. It's kind of a simplified... more

Just a brief chat on how to tap into your intuition! We all have intuition, and this explains a way to start tapping into it!

Happy Halloween to our listeners! This year things were more open, and I could see the joy in peoples faces that they were able to celebrate their friendship face to face this year! Also wanted to thank our readers, who were incredible this... more

After I was injured in 2015, I met an incredible Korean acupuncturist who taught me an incredible lesson. A lesson about allowing, not fighting what's happening, and how to heal. This is a tough lesson for most of us as in our society were... more