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Project Illuminated

Project Illuminated


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Project Illuminated is a broadcast that brings you information to help free your mind and spirit from the control of the Illuminati and New Word Order.

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Here we take a deep dive into the Paut Neteru of ancient Egypt also know as the Tree of Life.

How to manifest anything that is within your destiny

How to stop the reincarnation process

So many young artists are captivated with dreams of making it big in the industry. Money and women narrow their focus yet there is a secret agenda behind all of this. Subliminal messages and demonic worship are all just the tip of... more

The world is in darkness. Yet, a select few claim to have been anointed by God to bring us into the light. However, they live a lavish lifestyle all the while their followers are impoverished. Is this salvation or damnation? Are these men really... more

Synchronicity is a powerful tool. It can allow you to align the forces of the universe so that you can attract whatever you need in life. However, there is a proper way to do this. You must also learn to read the signs and symbols the universe... more

We are told from early childhood that success in life equals money. From that point on, it's a mad scramble to acquire as much money as possible. The two most common approaches are to choose a good career or develop your own... more

It's true! You can control time and space. This is a big secret that has not been available to humankind until now. You must understand that time and space are not fixed points, but rather dynamic and ever changing. Because... more

Unleashing Your God Power! with Qesankh Maa Kheperu You are God. Yes, it's true. That's not just some motivational saying or New Age dogma. God wants to experience the world and is doing so within you. This means that you share the... more

Relationship expert Qesankh Maa Kheperu will reveal the spiritual principles on how to attract and keep a mate. In the extraordinary broadcast he will dive deep into what other relationships experts fail to cover. Starting with the... more