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    The KEY to Escaping TEMPTATION

    in Spirituality

    The bible says Satan will take advantage of you if you are ignorant of his devices. We must figure out his plans,what devices he uses and how could we defeat him in our spiritual walk with God

  • 02:36

    Open show

    in Spirituality

    Round Table Tuesday!!!! I have a very special message that I am going to share with my listeners tonight. If I have never given yall any good info, tonight is the night you will get it. I can't get no deeper than this!!! With all that's going on, we have a lot to discuss, so tonight it is an open show!!! We about to touch it all!!! Call in & join us at 9PM sharp! 917-889-3009. Press "1" if you want to join the panel. If you don't want to call in, press play on the link below. The show is for us!!! *Your thoughts matter*

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    ATC WorldWide Ministry.

    in Spirituality

    Rev.Meiam talks with his guest about the One question that today has become the question of 2016. Os God Man? And is Mankind God in Human form.

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    Full Moon & the Business of Paganism

    in Spirituality

    Many people charge for their magick related services and supplies.  It's a business, like any other, just that it's geared towards a specific demographic.  But, what are the ethicals guidelines?  Are there any?  Should there be any?  We'll look into a variety of practices and the business principles behind them.  Is taking money the same as "energy exchange" or bartering for services or goods?  Join us live and feel free to call in or chat about it!

  • 02:05

    FINAL WEEK Overcomer's Rapture Show (2hrs)

    in Spirituality

    Christian rapture fellowship and prayer