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Patriot chat with like minded people who wish to make a difference. Lots to talk on today: Bad policies, and what to do about it. A country state of mind

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Hey Patriots! Come join me here at 7 PM Eastern for a show which continues the show of yesterday: I have proof, that the evil ones are lying to you. The hoax of "climate change" is a big LIE. Book after book, web site after web site, scientist... more

Hey Folks! Bill has picked a topic: Trump's speech at the UN, and we must continue to fight against Agenda 21, and the evils it promotes: It encompases all thinks Karl Marx. Open borders, de-growth and fake global warming, your... more

Hey Patriots! Join me today as we go through the phony climate change garbage, and how it ties in with Agenda 21. We have a lot to cover today. More on the progressives and what their evil plans are for you. California water wars, will... more

Hey Folks. Join Bill from Indiana along with his crew at 7 PM Eastern. I am co-hostibng from California, which has more problems than you even know. Hurricane problems, fake global warming nonsense, North Korea is dangerous,... more

Hey Radicals! Join me and myaudience today at 7 PM Eastern, for a great show on what is going on in America. Agenda 21 is rampant, and much worse here in California. We will continue to discuss illegal immigration, There is much to be... more

Hey Patriots! Join us today at 7 PM Eastern for a great show. Bill in Indiana is your Host, along with his crew. I am your co-host (Linda) here in California. I am sure we will discuss the end (or sort of) the DACA garbage. If it were up to me,... more

Hey Patriots! Get involved, join all of us today for informative history, and facts you must not ignore. The fake climate change stuff, the pardoning of Arpaio, the fake news, Trump pushing back against the dumb media, the tyranny of... more

Join Bill and his crew from Indiana today at 7 PM Eastern, along wih me (your co-host) here in Cali. We've got Hurricane Harvey, we have the pardon of Arpiao, we have the left going nuts on fake racism, we have idiots caving in theatres,... more

Join me today for a lot of our history. The evil leftg wants to erase history and or distort it. Well, I won't do that. We will talk about it and get the word out. A reading from the whole speech of Patrick Henry, the pieces of progressivism you... more

Join all of us today. Bill from Indiana, me here in CA and his crew at 7 PM Eastern for a great show. The situation in Afghanistan, the destruction of American symbols and history, the idiotic and vitriolic left, Our economic system,... more
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