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Musings with Pete Moss and The Honest Liberal. Sometimes with guests both famous and infamous.

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The thing that is hurting the Republican ?brand? is the cowardly way the Republicans act when confronted by any kind of opposition or accusation. All they do is kowtow to the media and the left and dutifully act like they are expected to if they want to be loved and left in their positions of power. That is what hurts their brand. They all came home from congress and lied to their constituents telling them that they were going to repeal Obamacare for example. Nothing has been done and quite frankly Mitch McConnell and John McCain are quite miffed that we demand an explanation for it. How dare we! They also turn tail and run every time that the media cries Russia, racist, misogynist or any other thing related to Trump. The fact that he waited a little bit to condemn the violent rioters ON BOTH SIDES makes him a racist? Nothing was said when Obama even invited Black Lives Matter…a group of thugs and professional rioters to the White House. Nothing was said when he blamed police for every bad thing that happened in a criminal pursuit case. If you're against hate you should be against ALL of it! Of course, when people do say things they are accused of being racist or in the case of black conservatives, Uncle Toms. Anyone who wants to be perceived as reasonable sides with the left and then condemns all others as racist…over a bunch of civil war statues. Wow!
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The so-called media is freaking out over the ?attacks? on Mika & Joe who have a show on the never watched, Soros supported MSNBC. They claim it is an attack on journalists and threatens the very balance and future of our nation. That is... more

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Special Prosecutor Muller is on his witch hunt to find what will probably end up being process crimes for some hapless fall guy in the administration. This guy should recuse or be fired…ever notice that Dems never do what they... more

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