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What we need is another opinion. Talk covers politics, science and topics of the day. One man's opinion that welcomes a different point of view.

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In this episode, I discuss how Egypt and the Great Pyramids might be older than anyone things. How other ancient civilizations have changed our thinking of who is advanced and who isn't or wasn't.

In this episode I discuss the chances of procreating off the planet. It would be a necessity if we, as a species, are going to move out into the universe.

What does World Sustainability mean to you? In this episode I take a brief look at what sustainability is. How it is viewed and what it means for us humans.

There are theories about how life started on Planet Earth. In this episode, I'll look at a couple of theories on how life got started on the planet.

The Climate Change debate has been around for longer than you think. Al Gore brought it to the masses with his move an Inconvenient Truth. Donald Trump said it's a hoax. Listen to some 'facts' and real-world happenings and you decide

In this episode I talk about recent changes to Public School teaching Creationism and Evolution. You'll learn a little more about me and about the debate. Take a listen! I look forward to your feedback and comments

In this episode I discuss the human race and the need to consider moving off planet. What does that mean? Take a listen to what I have to say. As always, your feedback and commets are welcomed.

My Opinion on politics. I had to consider going there and share a little bit from my past and to take a look toward the future. Take a listen and let me know your thoughts.

My take on Traffic laws, law enforecement and that stick on the left side of the steering wheel.

What's My Opinion? This podcast explains why i'm here and what i'm talking about!