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Tin Foil Hats for All

Tin Foil Hats for All


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TRUTH SEEKERS WANTED! Join MudFace and KillingTree on the path for understanding the TRUE world we live in. It's an endless journey, so why not share a few miles with others on the same road?

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Listen in to hear MudFace ramble a little about life in general.

A MudFace Ramble...

This week we will be having an in depth discussion about the first part of the documentary "The Century of the Self". Tune in to reflect your ideas on the documentary with us, or just let us break it down for you.

Don't have a 3 day bag yet, or just looking for more tips and tricks for functionality. From the little comfort things to the must haves, we will be going over Go-Bags, pockets to pouches. Learn what to keep and what to sweep.... more

DIS-COVER the history and future of vaccines. Learn what's really being injectd into your body, and worse, what you're allowing to be injected into your childrens bodies...

A continuation of last weeks talk on HAARP. We will be going more in depth about what HAARP can do and more current events as well as some of the people behind it ..

What are those odd patterns you see in the sky? Just HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) hard at work manipulating our species and natural resources via chem trails. Join us to learn more and discuss this UN... more

The creation and rise of Monsanto. Join our discussion for a deep look in to the worlds biggest threat to natural food, and one of the biggest players in altering us as a species altogether...