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MN.B.R.T. Radio with Mike Smith & Kris Huckins

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Join Elusive1 as they Welcome Mike Smith & Kris Huckins to the show.  Mike had his first Sasquatch encounter in 1974 or 1975. He was hiking with friends in a civil war battleground. Came down a hill and to an old spring house. He came around the corner of the structure and found Hisself face to face with the it. They blinked at one another for a couple of seconds. Then it let out a howl and melted into the woods. His companions made a hasty exit but he was just frozen for a bit, fascinated. He had a few encounters over the years in Missouri and Arkansas but none anything like the first for a long time. He met his partner Kris threw work and began doing research locally something over two years ago. Since then they have expanded to 4 basic research areas in Missouri now. And they'v had some amazing results. Basically they'v been observing what he refers to as an extended family group which includes adults and juveniles. They'v had several fairly close encounters but have not been threatened at all. Mike's take is that they are as curious about us as we are about them. Kris from the Pacific Northwest. Grew up in Clackamas County Oregon, so if you are familiar with Bigfoot, you know that is a highly active area. I have always "Believed" in Bigfoot as a child. Living where I did, you couldnt help but hear of the sightings and history of Sasquatch in that area. It wasnt until the early fall of 1989 that I had my first sighting and became a "Knower". It was outside of Castle Rock, Washington on the back side of Silver Lake. An 8ft male with grey hair and beard. Before that I dabbled in it. After that I started seriously investigating and gleeming anything I could about them. Plus spending hours and hours out in the woods looking for more. Around 10 years ago I moved to mid Missouri. Still read about sightings but pretty much gave up looking.