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Sal and EagleOne



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Navy Milbloggers Sal from "CDR Salamander" and EagleOne from "EagleSpeak" discuss leading issues and developments for the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and related national security issues.

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Everyone has half-baked ideas ... some quarter-baked and some three-quarters-baked ... that in a just world of their making would have a funding line. Are there some ideas so far "out of the box" that they really should be... more

As the USN continues its slow goodbye to 355 ships, what are some other measures it can use to expand maritime power, presence and influence? Would better and expanded integration, support, and interoperability with the USCG be... more

Almost to the day, our direct military involvement in Afghanistan has reached its 18th year. Those Afghans, American, British, and others who were had yet to reach their first birthday when the attacks of September 2001 led us to move... more

Even developed nations have difficulty effectively managing marine resources, enforce pollution controls, and maintain the rule of law in their territorial seas. With most of the world's coastal nations struggling to maintain authority ashore,... more

Not since the last decade of the Cold War have ballistic missile defense, land based cruise missiles, as well as short, intermediate, and medium range ballistic missiles received this much attention outside the compartmentalized and... more

It is a civil war, tribal war, religious war, and proxy war with local, regional, and global implications. The specific and larger implications of the war in Yemen will be our topic for the full hour with our guest Katherine Zimmerman. Katherine... more

From Baltic air policing, through the Russian border areas, to Afghanistan and curling back to the Strait of Hormuz, NATO alliance members are being tested not just by external powers, but by domestic politics and the slow churn of history.... more

Beat the heat by joining us today from 5-6pm Eastern for a mid-July maritime free for all. We're going to cover the chart from Iran seizing Brit owned tankers, to the future impact of growing naval powers like India & Japan, to the new-new... more

From limpet mines on tankers, drone shootdowns, and the HMS Montrose just short of loading grape - the decades long story of Iranian posturing in their near seas continues. A lot sounds familiar, but the economic and... more

China will continue to expand its holdings and presence in the South China Sea and the first and second island chain as long as it can and does not face pressure to do otherwise. They have an unmatched shipbuilding program to... more