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MIA-Expert Psychic

Psychic and Spiritual Advisor/Healer & Life Coach


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World renowned psychic, clairvoyant, and empath. FREE PSYCHIC READINGS daily!!! I will discuss a spiritual or psychic topic daily. Private readings SPECIAL ONLY $45.00/1 hour or $30.00/30 minutes by phone. Contact me at Mia0899cs@gmail.com. These spiritual classes range from spiritual awakening, spiritual truths behind love relationships, psychic visions, archangel messages, paranormal hauntings, and a variety of topics related to spirituality. I have discussed the RH- blood factor and characteristics. I will teach you how to enhance your own psychic abilities as well. There is always something new and exciting. It's a very relaxing environment and a flexible one. Share your visions, vent, ask any psychic question. These shows are meant to be interactive and uplifting. You are going to feel better emotionally and physically. I will encourage you to only send out positive thoughts to the Universe. Raise the polarity of everything from love to money. Follow your dreams and they will come to fruition. I am also a spiritual advisor, healer, and life coach. I am an expert psychic and I provide readings for the world. I read professionally on Kasamba, http://www.kasamba.com/psychic/MIA-ExpertPsychic

On-Demand Episodes

Predictions for 2018 - My past predictions which came to fruition & 2017 turmoil but now 2018 brings us to money & economy, weather changes (earthquakes), Love, & Free Psychic Mini Readings. Private readings, treat yourself or... more

Do you have feelings for someone who is married or are you involved with someone who is married? What are the signs that they will get separated and divorced? Are you questionning your morals in this situation? Are you wondering... more

Numerology is an exciting way to calculate your life path number and what it says about finding your true love. I will show you how to calculate your life path number, what it means and how it affects the Law of Attraction in finding your... more

Are you or someone close to you have the RH- (negative) blood factor? These are new traits that RH- individuals share. Do you have a feeling of not belonging? Are you a truth seeker? Do you have a sense of mission in life? Empathy &... more

Psychic Predictions - Chaos in world, Agenda, anti-Christ revealed,, History being rewritten and who is it behind this? I will tell you my visions and what is to come. Predictions coming to fruition right now as I predicted rioting and civil unrest in... more

Does age or cultural disparity in relationships make a difference? Is age difference in relationships the main cause for a relationship to fail? In modern culture women may be older than their husbands. Does this make a difference? Is it okay for a... more

Past Life Karmic Lessons may be what you must experience in this lifetime. We chart prior to our incarnation what our obstacles will be and we also sometimes carry a past life or a recurring past life with us into the current one. This can... more

Does Love happen at first sight or is Love destiny? Divorce rate is high and why does this occur? How do you know you are with the right one? Do you grow into loving someone? I willl address all these questions and how to find Love!!!! Is... more

Fertility & Libido issues in women and men. This is an eye awakening show as it will help with fat/cellulite, libido issues. Low Testosterone in women affects fertility & libido and many other problems. I will discuss the sexual chakra... more

I will dicuss how to awaken your psychic abilities. There are many different ways to read. Obviously, tarot cards are probably used the most. The cards don't necessarily tell you specific details and that's what has to come to you. Overtime,... more