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CONTACT ME FOR PREACHING; DIDACTIC DISCOURSE; METAPHYSICAL TEACHING; SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS, SEMINARS, COACHING, masterteacher33.com@gmail.com www.anymeeting.com/masterteacher; www.masterteacher33.com or www.eaglessclub.com. It is time to WAKE UP AMERICA and replace error with biblical truth! I am WILL ROGERS MT33. I am a man who is so thoroughly displeased with myself...ie...MY FLESH, actions, behavior, etc, that I was lead or forced to ASK, SEEK and KNOCK after YaHuWaH/God. Like me, most people I have been decieved and/or deluded by Lucifer/Satan. Most of us are CONFUSED! Like me, most people are operating in a power that is not from above; IT IS EARTHLY, SENSUAL AND DEMONIC(James 3:15). Like me, most people are so self-seeking, self-righteous, self-promoting and so self-satisfied that SIN (which is living without your share, lot or destiny) has blinded their eyes to the truth of their selfishness. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit began to reveal me to me! The bible says the Holy Spirit will LEAD you and GUIDE you into ALL TRUTH! First, the Holy Spirit gave me a sense of the depth of my ignorance, the height of my arrogance, my pride, vanity, bitter envy, spiritual poverty, greed, strife, jealousy, slothfulness, lustfulness, anger, total depravity and DEMONIC OPPRESSION, DEPRESSION AND POSSESSION! This realization woke me up! FOR YEARS; I THOUGHT I WAS BEING USED BY GOD;BUT I WAS BEING USED BY THE SATAN! I THOUGHT I WAS A CHRISTIAN BUT I WAS A SATANIST! Secondly, HE brought to my CONSCIOUSNESS, awareness and perception THE ABILITY to perceive and acknowledge that in Yahuwah & his son Yahushua ALONE ARE THE TRUE ELOHIM. True wisdom, real blessedness, heavenly riches, perfect goodness & righteousness come from HIM. I have spent over 40 years seeking the truth BUT found myself lusting after worldly riches, things and promoting myself. I was living the Luciferian creed which is DO HAS THOU WI

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Life Management Center Dallas Texas

Product development and marketing strategies

True Esoteric History of Planet Earth (7 month series) (never shared in public) Includes Seven 7 Hour Series (49 Hours of Audio) Plus my 500 page book THE ONTOLOGICAL HISTORY OF MANKIND Plus another numerous websites and... more

HOW TO MOVE FORWARD CREATIVELY How to overcome adversity and march forward with purpose towards your destiny! www.masterteacher33.com Kingdom Millionaires Training Center

Given the truth of all this, the first thing any kingdomologist must do is see through the limiting external authority of Saturn / Satan to the real authority which resides within each of us as individuals. We have to make up our own rules,... more

I SELL CONFIDENCE = How to Find Your ONE Attribute/Product/Service And Give It How to find your one word gift......attribut......innate trait that was given to you by the forefather!

HOW TO BUILD YOUR PLATFORM / COMMUNITY / FOLLOWING / GROUP Energy and Chemistry is Stronger than Flesh and Blood


THE TRUE CREATION NARRATIVE = Substance Triumphs Symbols = Process Triumphs Product THIS IS THE TRUE CREATIVE CREATION NARRATIVE This entire creation narrative When Pistis saw the impiety of the Lord Archon she was... more

HOW BIG IS YOUR CIRCLE OF FORMATTED;PATTERNED;DIGITAL CONSCIOUSNESS / AWARENESS What is your cirle of awarness? How do you get outside your circle os awarenss? EVERYTHING YOU WANT IS OUTSIDE... more
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