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Looking for real answers to your real-life marriage problems? This podcast addresses the real issues that marriages face every day. Whether your spouse is in love with someone else, sexual issues are destroying your marriage, or you are wanting to know how to make your marriage stronger - this podcast is for you. https://www.MarriageHelper.com

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Divorce affects children...even grown children...emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Some say that you should never stay married just for the sake of your kids. Others say that kids are reslient and that divorce has little... more

In this episode of the Dr. Joe Show, Dr. Beam will talk with callers from around the world, hearing their comments and answering their questions about relationships. Often Dr. Beam's program ends with callers waiting. In this... more

Ever wonder why your spouse is so weird? Whys/he doesn't think like you, act like you, want the same things you want? Maybe one of you is spontaneous and the other is cautious. Maybe one is an introvert and the other an extrovert. You... more

Your spouse wants out of the marriage...but you don't. In the process of trying to end the marriage, your spouse is trying to do things that you want no part of. Maybe s/he's spending time with the "lover" while still living at home. Perhaps... more

It can be completely overwhelming to know where to start when trying to save your marriage. Where do you start? What is the most important thing you can do? What should you do FIRST? Join Kimberly Holmes, the CEO of... more

Ever wish you could really understand what your spouse is saying...you hear the words, you respond, and s/he reacts in a completely different way than you expected. You know you aren't communicating clearly with each other but it... more

What do you do when you've had major problems in your marriage and now want to try to reconcile? It's tougher to accomplish than most people think. It's great when a couple decides to put a marriage back together. However, without... more

Are you being controlled in your relationship? Has your partner accused you of being controlling? In this program, Dr. Joe Beam introduces a new way to understand control. He will explain and demonstrate WHY one person tries to... more

For many years we've been helping people salvage marriages that appeared absolutely hopeless...not only salvage their marriages but make them good again...most better than they were before. That is why Marriage Helper exists... more

Their marriage appeared hopeless. The trouble - a MAJOR problem - had been going on for four years. Only one person thought it could be saved....her name is Petra. She stood strong. She did the right things. It wasn't always easy.... more