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Looking for real answers to your real-life marriage problems? This podcast addresses the real issues that marriages face every day. Whether your spouse is in love with someone else, sexual issues are destroying your marriage, or you are wanting to know how to make your marriage stronger - this podcast is for you. https://www.MarriageHelper.com

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Do you feel abandoned by God? Do you wonder why He isn't intervening in your marriage? If you feel this way, you are not alone. But that doesn't mean that it has to stay that way. There's a reason for these trials and tribulations, even... more

Sometimes it makes no difference if you don't agree with the person you love. Sometimes it does. Especially when your disagreement pulls you apart. Maybe you disagree about where you live, occupations, religion, money, children, or... more

Whether it's done by your best friend, your child, or your spouse, it hurts when we discover that we've been lied to, doesn't it? No one that I know of likes being deceived. Even in affairs, I often hear the spouse who was cheated on say... more

It may be guilt you feel. It may guilt felt by someone you love. Either way, it affects everyone. The person who feels guilt has little to no peace. The ones who love the guilt-ridden are pushed away...or feel helpless to help. Guilt isn't a bad... more

You've done something that you know will hurt your spouse if s/he knew about it. Maybe it was recent? Maybe years ago? Maybe even before you met, but you have worry that s/he will react badly if it came out. Do you tell? Do you keep it a... more

He was "madly in love" with another woman. She wanted to save their marriage. They tried a couple intense potential solutions and then, by agreement, she moved thousands of miles back to her former home leaving him with his lover. It... more

Questions continue to come in about limerence. (Limerence is the state of feeling "madly in love" with another.) Millions of marriages are in crisis because either husband or wife has fallen into a state of limerence with someone else.... more

Several crucial questions have come in about how to deal with spouses doing destructive things. In this program, we will deal with questions such as: What do I do if my spouse keeps lying? Are all lies the same? Do I react to all of them... more

What is going on in the head/heart of someone "madly in love" with another? Why do they do the things they do? Say the things they say? Make the decisions they make? What if a person is married to one and falls "madly in love" with... more

In this program a couple tell their poignant story. Both had difficult childhoods that led to complications in their marriage, including ography and affairs. The future seemed dim for their marriage. However, they overcame. Hear their story. Ask... more