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THE MIND TWIST Conspiracy Theory Radio - Certainly We Are NOT Alone!

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Welcome to THE MIND TWIST.  A Conspiracy Theory radio show where we bring you some of the world’s most controversial, thought-provoking and unresolved conspiracy theories. We cut through the red tape and take a closer look at the paradoxes, evidences and history. 

We are not alone in this universe.

The existence of extra-terrestrial life is one of the most captivating debates in science.

This theory has intrigued the minds of humanity since the beginning of our existence. The more advances we make in scientific exploration, the more we learn about what makes life possible here on Earth.

NASA believe that we will find signs of alien life in the next ten years.

Many people believe that there is not only life on other planets but that these life forms have visited Earth and, in some cases, helped to populate it. There have been many UFOs spotted in the skies throughout human history, which has often been documented in art and hieroglyphics.

There are many unanswered questions regarding aliens visiting our planet, many believe that is what the U.S. government has truly been studying at Area 51 in Nevada.

And what happened in Roswell New Mexico? What about all the people who have seen these beings? 

Is this all a big conspiracy with the government? 

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