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A Lutheran Layman

A Lutheran Layman


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"An Ex-Evangelical-Non-Denominational Christian Turned Confessional Lutheran..." Because the world doesn’t need to hear another podcast, but it does need to hear the simplicity of the Gospel, or Christ crucified for the sins of all mankind. I'm a Lutheran layman who's navigating from the works-righteousness waters of American Evangelicalism to the justified by grace shores of Confessional Lutheran doctrine after learning I apparently wasn’t a "true" Christian. Ever happen to you? I'm just a Lutheran layman documenting my escape from American Evangelicalism and a Non-Denominational mindset to becoming a Confessional Lutheran after I was told I had reason to "doubt my salvation" not because I believed in some kind of false doctrine (oh no! although I did believe some un-Biblical things at the time), but because I didn’t have "crazy love" for Jesus, and because I wasn’t "radical" enough in my life for Him either. Sorry, but I'm "not a fan" of that kind of Scripture twisting thanks to best-selling "Christian" authors and those who buy into their teachings and want others to conform to them. People think I’m weird and it has absolutely nothing to do with my red hair or the fact that I’m left-handed! They think I’m nuts because I believe in this thing called the "Doctrine of Justification" or "Sola Fide" (fancy-schmancy words that mean "Faith Alone") as in, I believe I’m saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, which kinda sounds a lot like Ephesians 2:8-9 when you think about it. I’m also "too Lutheran" for my Lutheran family members and friends so there’s that. So, if "being cool" and being "part of the in crowd" is important to you, if you like to pet wolves, if you think the 11th Commandment should have been "Thou Shall Not Offend" (and think contending for and defending the faith is

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No, we're not ready to launch our weekly broadcast with all the special features yet, but we are ready to proclaim some important truths nonetheless. Today, we briefly take a look at what's called "Decision Theology" or one of the MAJOR... more

Personally, I wanted the first broadcast of The Lutheran Layman podcast to establish a firm foundation and set the tone properly before embarking upon weekly broadcasts. So, naturally, focusing on the importance of Reformation Day... more

[Season 2 / Episode 17] Does the Gospel of Jesus Christ offend you? Pastor, do you shy away from preaching certain portions of Scripture because you don't want to offend people in your congregation? Christian, would you rather talk to... more

[Season 2 / Episode 16] I'm growing quite fond of Pastor Eric Andersen's work for the Lord as published at Steadfast Lutherans. Recently, he penned a sobering warning to the Body of Christ that identified the one question that Satan wants... more

[Season 2 / Episode 14] We would like to say a few important things to both Christian graduates, their Christian teachers, and the Christian institutions that exist for His glory. What are some of the most important words... more

[Season 2 / Episode 11] There's a war going on right now that's all around us. It's not just a war for the truth, but a war for the hearts, minds, and souls of men and women. Right now, truth from the Truth Himself is under attack, and much is at... more
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