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chant it down radio

chant it down radio


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Chant it down radio rides the vein of anyone who is fed up with the problems from government, society, corporations and everything that is holding us back from our freedom. We look at REAL conspiracies, problems of civilization, the usurping of consciousness, mind control, personal empowerment, ufology, universal laws, hunter gatherer perspectives, human autonomy, and the overall taking of the natural state of humans. Various guests, callers , consciousness, insight, live lyricism and solutions. This show is designed to help put you on a path of growth to become one that sees the truth and raise consciousness.

On-Demand Episodes

All call-in show Guest rescheduled. Eating right, getting back to nature, consiousness. No strings attatched show. Great callers and conversation.

SYSTEM TENTICLE # 4 EXCITOTOXINS Getting rid of the ingredients that cause us to be docile brain-dead zombies. Excitotoxins, excite brain cells and kill them. Do you see these ingrediants in your food? Sometimes it's the little things... more

Another round table chant down with Guests DOUBLE A and BRADA FRANKY. Thanksgiving chant down and overall good chanting down. We go wherever the topics take us. We touch on the system tentacles and more.

SYSTEM TENTICLE #3 ALCOHAL GENOCIDE AND WASTEOID CULTURE Luemas goes over the culture of Wastoid. How alcohal has been implimented into society as easy access to dull human consciousness. The effect it's had on... more

SYSTEM TENTACLE #2 : FOOD AND NOURISHMENT Luemas removes the tentacle of food. Breaks down some of the ingredients in our foods that bog us down and keep us from our full potential. Garbage in, garbage out. Is your... more

SYSTEM TENTACLE #1 MEDIA MIND CONTROL Luemas unplugs the first tentacle, the controlled and owned media. Chants down the corporate media and all forms of control from this giant feeding tube that controls us down to our... more

Guests Double A and Brada Franky return for another round table chant down. Talks on the solution of the journey home.

THE RICH/POOR PARADIGM The have's and have-nots. Luemas breaks down what needs to be looked at in this situation and understood. An important understanding in chanting it down and unraveling the matrix. Another view of the... more

Radio show host, truth speaker BOB TUSKIN comes on to speak the truth on a variety of topics. Bob is not shy to speak the truth and also the coordinator of the FREE YOUR MIND CONFERENCE in Philadelphia.

11:11 the path of truth. The phenomenon of noticing 11's everywhere and the synchronicities in the lives of those that are coming into awareness. If you see these signs, then you are on a path. The path of awakening and the awakened.... more