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the darkness of DENIALinto the light of Acceptance and RECOVERY. Tonites show was a recap on preparing for an INTERVENTION. The one we had initiallly scheduled for tomorrow morning was canceled by the family as their Loved one is now in OUT PATIENT aftercare. Thus they believe that they won't need to perform an INTERVENTION. I personally DISAGREE as sharing from my own personal experience - I saw this as an opportunity for his family to share from their hearts - what his drinking has been doing to them. They are frightened that he might die, unsure of what his actions may be or how they may impact their own personal lives. And as they should. However unless they find the chance to confront him with these thoughts / feelings, he may never even address them. Thay may have missed out on a perfect opportunity. All because one's "SHRINK" felt it may be too much to hold an intervention during his hospitalization for his SEIZURES. I believe truly a big mistake. AH - But "I" am NOT a Professional Doctor or therapist or Counselor of any sort - HOWEVER I AM AN ALCOHOLIC IN RECOVERY and I remember how it was for me n the beginning. Oh Well we valued this time to reflect of INTERVENTIONS and will see how he does in the months to come. HOPEFULLY he has finally SURRENDERED to the Fact that He IS and alcoholic and come to realize that even 1 DRINK IS TOO MANY. Time will tell. Join me next week - as I arrive home from San Francisco - after having spent THANKSGIVING with the Lovely Ms. Martha's family. It promises to be a show filled with new experiences for me, and one I will share with you all as to how I endured. REMEMBER our BROADCAST IS LIVE Why not call-in and share your Thanksgiving memories. 323-580-5755 or email me at daniel@daare.com Have a SAVE & BLESSED THANKSGIVING!
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We will be talking about California business with local professionals and dialing in others from across California and the US.

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