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Is talent the cure-all for bad behavior?

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With the release of his album, the misdeeds of R. Kelly, the self proclaimed "Pied Piper" of R& B, have resurfaced. It has been over 15 years since many of us first got wind of what many in his hometown of Chicago knew. Robert Kelly has a taste for the young ladies. As in trolling around middle schools...young ladies. 

Despite those questionable instances in his past, there are many who will argue, what does that have to do with his talent. He's a great song writer, performer and artist. Who cares if there is great evidence that says he's a serial pedophile. 

Kelly is not alone. From Justin Bieber to Miley Cyrus, Chris Brown and Lindsay Lohan, this new generation of artists (I'm including Kelly even though he's pushing 50), seem to use their bad behavior as a means to remain relevant. It many ways, the world of entertainment feels like they are all characters in the old WWF. Gaining popularity like the Iron Shiek or Hulk Hogan by flip flopping from villian to good guy. 

As the consumers, why do we accept this from these entertainers? Is it becuase of Chris Brown's acrobatic dance routines or Biebers boyish good looks? Where is the line? When do we say enough is enough and move on. Join us this week for the conversation. 

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