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Single Mothers Having Sleepover Boyfriends: Right Or Wrong?

  • Broadcast in Women
Lance Scurv

Lance Scurv


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It's a crazy world out here today and this particular show topic may not have even been believable if it was brought up back in our grandparents days.

But oh how times have changed! If you were to ask this question to the masses in this day and age you'll probably receive "that many" different answers.

Back in the simpler days of society, many of the issues that we face today were there back then, we just didn't rub the faces of those around us in it because we had a higher moral compass overall, a sense of decency and respected who we were and the title that we represented.

If we were Mothers, then we respected the fact that we were and acted according. Sure, back in the days many a mother may have worked in a brothel to put food on the table but the people in her world never knew it.

While I'm not insinuating that every single mother is some wonton vixen of a sexual beast who will prostitute herself as if that's her only option, all I'm saying is that we all had enough decency to not allow what we do as adults to be seen by the eyes of those youngsters who were coming up behind us.

We knew back then that every little thing that was done in that life of the Mother was absorbed easily into the subconscious mind of the child/children and will affect them for the rest of their lives whether we want to acknowledge it or not.

If Mommy had an intimate male friend, the kids never knew and no matter how much time passed by or how close those two became, the kids were made to never find out until there was a marriage very close over the horizon.

And even then the delicate balance of that home life was respected and wasn't force fed a strange new entity/energy as he was added in slowly like those precious ingredients put into a gourmet soup gumbo.

What effect has our neglect of discretion had on our kids as they've developed into adults?