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How Much Relationship Baggage Are You Willing To Deal With?

  • Broadcast in Women
Lance Scurv

Lance Scurv


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When a brand spanking new relationship becomes a consideration and possibility in ones life, the thought of the baggage that this new interest brings to the table is the last thought in ones mind, only those of us who have been around the block a few times can see through the fog of euphoric infatuation and cut straight to the bone to make the wise decision based on facts whether to move forward or not.

What's so tough about the baggage we carry is that not ONLY is it sometimes hard to detect it in our potential mate and even the relationships that we've already committed too, but the fact that all baggage is not created equal!

What do I mean by this? Well what might be baggage to one person may not be baggage to another.

Say for example a woman meets a man who has several kids by different women, he might be a great guy who spends time with them all and supports those children wholeheartedly, but to his new love interest it isn't a problem because she might have wanted children but because of a medical condition she can't so he is the perfect guy.

For another woman who may have limited time in her life because of her career ambitions and scholastic obligations, that same Brother is a man with too much baggage!

But while baggage is usually considered having a litter of hungry ashy children running behind you barefoot with snotty noses and stinky diapers screaming their lungs out, it doesn't always have to necessarilly mean that there is no other variety that couldn't be described by that very same word.

We also want to hear your old or current war stories on this topic but the question tonight is:

How much relationship baggage are YOU will to deal with?

This should get very interesting indeed!