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What's Making The Angry Black Woman So Angry?

  • Broadcast in Women
Lance Scurv

Lance Scurv


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Let's face it, the image of the Angry Black woman can manifest frequently in our daily lives. While it would be foolish to say that all Black Women are angry as that is simply not true, you can't deny that many are and while their presence has been tolerated at the workplace, in the community and at the homefront, for those who fall under this category we want to know what IS it it that makes them so damn angry?

Again, we are not categorizing ALL Black women as being pissed off all of the time but there is definitely some who fit this type.

Now, to sympathize with that "upset all of the time" damsel who is stressed, it HAD to be SOMETHING that got her that way! She wasn't born into this world pissed off! And to think, that there are so many out here just LIKE her! It must be something! What we want to do on this program is to get to the bottom of it!

Of course, people are as unique and as varied as the snowflakes that come down from the sky. So knowing that really baffles me when I see the same type of anger in these women and I always wondered how such a diverse segment of society could funnel down into the same cutting cutter mold of possessing anger on overtime.

Are these women even worth the time to try to date? a man will tolerate only but so much before he gets in the wind to find greener pastures. Sometimes with a kinder Black woman who is not as contaminated with so much toxicity or maybe even someone out of his race who isn't filled with so much confusion and venom.

Is it the destiny of these types to grow to be old, bitter, negative and unfulfilled with a house full of cats? What kind of future would ANY woman have to get a good man if she is constantly on the defensive spewing venom and displaying those unbearable attitudes?