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CHILD SUPPORT: The Ultimate Tool Of Revenge For The Evil Ex?

  • Broadcast in Legal
Lance Scurv

Lance Scurv


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Tonight we're going to talk about a specific slice of a topic that has been raging on ever since it has been implemented as law in the United States of America.

Child Support.

Now let me make it clear from now that this show is not to even TRY to defend deadbeat dads out there who work hard to NOT work and who'll do everything within their reach to NOT provide for their children while they run off to romance, use and live off of another unsuspecting victim of a woman who is merely a small part of a long list of people to whom these types see as an opportunity.

No. This is not what the discussion will be about tonight.

What we ARE speaking on is that evil ex-wife, former live in girlfriend or common-law wife who is hellbent on using and manipulating the Child Support laws in order to literally milk a man who has always provided for his children well but is determined to keep him financially handicapped so that he won't be able to support himself and keep him from being empowered to move on with another love interest.

It's the ultimate form of control.

She works every angle in the court system to get MORE MONEY and to get every upward financial adjustment that she can to keep that noose TIGHT around his neck and around his bank account.

She takes the utmost joy in knowing that he can't live the way that he used to and that any relationship that he gets involved in will be strained no matter how understanding "that fool of a woman" may be.

Let's hear from the men tonight, their are a multitude of painful horror stories in our midst more than you could ever imagine. Ladies, if you were ever called an evil spouse by your ex than we want to hear your side of things too.

I tell you, I'm going to have to referee and moderate this show HARD while it's going on.

Pray for me.