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Are Caribbean People Right When They Say Americans Are Lazy?

  • Broadcast in Culture
Lance Scurv

Lance Scurv


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Many who have migrated to the shores of the United States of America have shared these same thoughts when striving to improve the quality of their life through hard work.

While many who were born and raised in America will never know how much of a fight it can be sometimes to even make it through the grueling immigration process to finally get here, the general feeling is that most do not understand how many opportunities are here and take for granted the things here that are so freely given away.

So when you have a naturilized individual who arrives here to America with all of the enthusiasm to achieve a new life with absolutely no limits, you also may have an individual who appears to them to not have enough fire in their belly and is content to sit back and take the easy route for the most part. The worst of which will settle for doing nothing with their lives as they settle for what they can get from a small welfare check.

So now with the difference in mentalities diometrically opposed to one another, the friction between them will erupt on jobs, churches and many places where there is a regular contact which will place a wedge between them as the American born person will feel that this foreigner is trying to make all of the money and take all of the jobs while that so called "foreigner" will think the least of them for not taking their lives into their own hands as they complain their day away.

So I've said ALL of this to ask you one thing, how much credibility or validity does the show topic's title have?

Is there any truth to it?

Should we be asking it in the first place?

Is focusing on it really a distraction to divide us ultimately?

Tune in no matter WHO you are and let us bring these perceptions to a head and deal with the raw truth!