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Daring to Live Outloud


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Kathryn Leeman and Karrie Wallen host this hour of passionate, heart-felt and soul-inviting conversations about daring to live life outloud. Join us!

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It only happens once every 148 years that Saturn and the North Node intersect in Scorpio so the energies presenting themselves for our enjoyment this week are indeed rare. The Equinox Portal begins on September 18th and comes to a... more

So many religions speak to the concept of eternal life. Many of us say we believe in eternal life but do we ever stop to think what that means? If we knew life is eternal how might that change the choices we make? How would this affect the... more

As a new dimensional reality unfolds and we as vibrational beings begin our own juxtaposition, it seems important to keep in mind that there is still a lot of clearing happening. Issues buried, suppressed or ignored are being uncovered and... more

Have you ever felt like there wasn't a place for you? Or that you were constantly competing for a spot...changing who you are...just to get a spot? Then when you get a spot you realize that you're still not happy? Have you felt disowned... more

Many times we talk about Unity...togetherness...oneness...the beauty of coming from that sacred space of Unity. And many times we forget to honor, celebrate and empower our differences. We may feel that concentrating on... more

Have you ever stopped...backed waaaaaayyy up...and looked at the big picture of things? Have you noticed the perfection that is the tapestry of Nature? Have you witnessed the natural systems...the balance...the interrelatedness...the grand... more

As we soak in the magnificent and intense energies of the approaching Grand Sextile, many questions arise. How do these energies affect us? Can we accept the tremendous love infiltrating the world? Can we allow ourselves to step into... more

Can we put a price on life? When making life or death decisions, where do we draw the line? Who decides what or who lives? How much does it cost to "deserve" to live? Are we worth the love of the life force that animates us? Join... more

Do you ever notice that the people we most enjoy being around are many times those who have a similar opinion? Or perhaps, we have people in our lives who we love very much and just know there are certain topics which are TABOO?!... more

As the July 4th celebration of our nation's independence approaches, it seems appropriate to take this independence idea a little deeper... What about our own independence? What about freedom from the expectations of the world around... more