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Isshinryu Today presents Hansen Sensei, Mofutode Principles and Practice

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Good evening and welcome to Isshinryu Today sponsored by TEAM KIA, tonight's Host Shihan Kyle Forrest along with his brother & Co-Host Sempai Chris Forrest will be talking about the status of Isshinryu Karatedo in 2017. Would the founder Shimabuku Tatsuo Sensei be pleased with the progress of his art. It has been 60 years since the style was founded in that time our First Generation United States Marine Corps students planted the seeds for the style to grow. We will be talking about the last 60 years and what has happened in that time and also would Shimabuku Sensei be pleased with the progress of the style, the growth of the style and where the style is going in the future. In addittion we have a very special featured guest on the program that requested to address our loyal listeners about tonight's main topic. 

Hansen Sensei of Isshinryu Karate, Hansen House Dojo will be live on the program tonight and the subject matter will be Mofutode. I'd like to speak with your audience again. I have a concept I'm willing to share called Mofutode. It's taught to Yudansha. To learn Mofutode the fundamentals or Kihon must be learned very well. Mofutode isn't the answer for everything. It's an advanced way of analysis of movement/bunkai. This concept can be incorporated into Kobudo as well. There is basic bunkai, advanced and then Mofutode. This is why perhaps 3rd Dan and up would grasp some of this concept. To take a Rokushaku Bo and hit multiple targets at the same time is challenging. Taking axis of movement and body this can be done effectively with the right training and thought process.

Hansen Sensei.