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Militant Integrationalism

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Baba Jedi Shemsu Jhwty (aka Dr. Jacob Carruthers) in an ASCAC lecture he did back in the 1990's (gregorian calendar) talked about a classification of individuals within the stolen Afrikan camps, that get little attention. These black-skinned individuals, SOUND Afrocentric & pro-Black, but when one really, really listens to their rhetoric, all they are really doing is demanding inclusion on their terms within the caucasoid reality. They will scream to wear Afrikan clothes, have Afrikan styled hair, have Afrikan cultural names within the caucasoid reality--AND THAT IS THE TOTALITY OF THEIR FIGHT! They are not about nation building...they may just want to be seen as Afrikan (surface level cultural structure only) and will loudly protest for certain things, only within caucasoid reality. There is another faction of this ilk, who really don't want ANYTHING to do with this--as they would say--"Afrikan shyt." They vocally question anyone who professes a return to Afrikan cultural ways to move forward, because they themselves fear & hate Afrika & deeply still--while sounding Afrocentric all at the same time--want acceptance from & within caucasoid society & reality. Both of these variants of Militant Integrationalists are usually hard to spot. It takes a discerning ear as well as clarity of the Afrikan world view to spot these ProBlack/Afrocentric IMPOSTERS out. The hope of this show will be to share the descriptions & how you can spot these imposters and properly steer away from them.