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Michele Swinick



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The TRANSFORMATIONAL show about LIFE ● LAUGHTER ● PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS delivered by Good People, doing Good Business and Good Things! We’re Your Trustworthy Resource for sharing personal stories & quality content conveyed with a hint of humor & a supersized side of sincerity. Why? To Enhance the quality of your life, Give you more professional, personal and financial freedom & to Promote patriotism ●www.EverythingHomeTalkShow.com● Your "HOME" is so much more than a place to live…It’s the foundation for EVERYTHING in your life - From the structure and contents, To what goes on inside & most importantly, Within Yourself. To ensure your foundation is as solid as can be, each week, Michele Swinick "The Queen of Quality Content" interviews various Experts, Entrepreneurs, Professionals & Purpose Driven People to share their stories, passions & provide real-life, tangible takeaways. Her diverse background makes her the ideal host to handle a wide range of topics, such as "Home Improvement", Personal Development, Health & Wellness, Business, Nonprofits, Legal Issues, Lifestyle, Veteran Support & many more. Because time is your most valuable asset, we’re spending ours researching the messages that matter from the people you need to know about. We all face challenges & we’re here to offer tips, solutions, inspiration & entertainment so you can navigate through EVERYTHING & grow, better yet..SOAR..to your highest potential. The information will transform your "HOME" into its greatest version possible & supply the tools to create your Best & Most Fulfilling Life! To make an even greater impact, we’ve created a Patriotic, Purpose-Driven Platform with trustworthy & credible resources so you can “DO SOMETHING” to enhance the quality of your life & the lives of others. The Everything Home Socially Conscious Referral Network & Marketplace-GREAT things are happening!

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