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Emily Cragg

Emily Cragg


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Five types of messages we get from the past, ground and sky.

Stones, Artifacts, Crop Circles and Signs in the Sky and ARCHIVES.  The Bible is one such archive of the experiences of certain bloodlines who made inter-dimensional contact their serious business.

"Let us make Man in our image and after our Likeness" is not about a MONOTHEIC GOD FIGURE.

He had company; and His company became our company.



With the end of the Mayan Calender in 2012 and of the Galactic year on June 26, 2013, a whole new dispensation is at work on our planet.

But as usual, it's kept secret by our Conquerors, the Annunaki.

Translators such as Zecharia Sitchin have brought Sumerian records to life, in addition to the Egyptian and Mayan stone pictographs.  And we can now learn what happened long before the bible was written.

Why secret?

Because they're gone from their planet. A flood like Noah's obliterated Annunaki society early spring of this year. There are very few remaining on Nibiru.

We have photo evidence of Annunaki ships, and I have placed a couple hundred photos of the Nibiru surface--flooded and iced over as it is--at this link:


Nibi is on the other side of our chemtrailed sky, that's where it is.


ET are telepathic and verbal. Prophecy is what people hear when they listen telepathically to the Deities in Less Dense Frequencies. Scripture is Prophecy recorded in writing ... at the time.  It changes. Religion is the service to Prophecy which other telepaths perform in order to become competent and Eternal souls. And so it is.  Let's share what we hear and know.