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John Burke: Seed of Knowledge, Stone of Plenty

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Earth Ancients

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John Burke passed away suddenly in 2010, but he left ground breaking research and discovery in his book, Seed of Knowledge, Stone of plenty, on the subtle energetics which are naturally emitted from our planet. This program will take a look at his research and uncover what the ancients understood in harvesting crops and energy manipulation.

John presents scientifically documented evidence that the old-world engineers who built the massive henges, pyramids, mounds and dolmen of the ancient world may well have understood a true secret—lost to modern man until now. The author show that these structures were overwhelmingly sited at locations where the local geology magnified naturally-occurring electromagnetic fluctuations in the earth's crust and, further, that pyramidal and corbel- roofed stone structures erected at these locations enhanced this effect.

Additionally, they reveal that indigenous seeds, when placed at these locations (for various periods of time, depending upon the type of seed) show significant increases in growth rate and yieldwhen subsequently planted—as well as increased resistance to plant stressors (lack of sunlight and/or drought conditions). Such results would have been of enormous importance to ancient peoples and the authors suggest that the monument-builders not only knew these facts, but deliberately chose these sites and structure-shapes in order to insure their culture's food production.