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The Still Point: The Simplicity of Spiritual Enlightenment

  • Broadcast in Health
Dr Karen Kan

Dr Karen Kan


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This riveting interview discusses The Still Point: The Simplicity of Spiritual Enlightenment book. Most people are living lives with varying degrees of stress or unease. In some, this is felt as mild unease or dissatisfaction; in others, it manifests as outright anxiety and depression. According to the book's author, Kevin Krenitsky, all these symptoms are due to a widely held but false underlying belief- that we are separate, isolated individuals, unconnected to others or the world around us. In The Still Point, we are directly led back to the recognition that our true nature of being is shared with all sentient creatures–and its inherent qualities are peace and happiness. 

This teaching has been called the ‘perennial philosophy’ because it is the core message of all the great spiritual traditions throughout the ages. The fact that this realization has been overlooked by society as a whole has led to horrific consequences, including war, famine, and deeply unconscious behavior toward the planet and its inhabitants. Humanity has reached the point where it is necessary to recognize our ever-present being as unbroken peace. Only from this realization can we turn this planet into the paradise it was always meant to be and find happiness at the heart of the human experience.

During this interview, we will discuss: 

  • What does “we are all One” really mean?
  • Why fighting for freedom doesn’t work to bring about peace
  • Whether karma or re-incarnation exists
  • Where addictions come from
  • The direct approach to “enlightenment.” 
  • New insights into the ethics of eating a meat-based or plant-based diet
  • …and more!