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Soul Healing Miracles

Soul Healing Miracles with Master Sha


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Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha is a soul leader, extraordinary healer, and a divine servant. The show is about Soul Healing Miracles, Enlightenment, songs & chanting.

On-Demand Episodes

On today's episode Dr. Master Zhi Gang Sha continues his teachings about the power of soul. He will teach us what our soul can do for our physical lives. Master Sha will also explain Mother Earth's and humanity's transition to a new... more

On today's episode Dr. Master Zhi Gang Sha introduces us to our soul and the characteristics of the soul. Master Sha will also teach us the purpose of the soul life and the physical life. Join Master Sha as he teaches about the soul.... more

On today episode Master Sha continues his teaching on opening one's spiritual channels. Master Sha will explain the power of one's soul language. Dr. Master Sha what the soul/spiritual journey is. He will also teach you how to use... more

On this episode Dr. Master Zhi Gang Sha will teach listeners to open there spiritual channels. What are spiritual channels? Spirituals Channel are sources from which you use to communicate with all souls in the universe. From... more

On this episode Dr. Master Zhi Gang Sha will continues his teachings on transforming one's Spiritual Journey. In Dr. Sha's teachings the propose of one's life is to service. Join Dr. Sha as he goes into depth about our spiritual life and... more

On today show Dr. Master Zhi Gang Sha introduces us to the Xiu (purification) Lian (practice/exercise) Journey and teaches us about our spiritual journey. Master Zhi Gang Sha is a soul revolutionary Tao healer who brings the power of... more

Dr. Master Zhi Gang Sha continues his teaching of Divine Transformation of relationships of all kind. Dr. Sha will teach us how to clear soul mind body blockages also known as karma from our relationships with family members, our... more

On today's Show Dr. Master Zhi Gang Sha talks and teaches us to heal and balance our relationships with our love ones. Dr. Master Sha teaches that everything and everyone has a soul. Including our relationships. Dr..Master Sha... more

On tonight's show, Dr. Master Zhi Gang Sha teaches the power of Golden and Rainbow Light to heal, rejuvenate, and transform your mental and spiritual bodies. Master Sha will also be teach us how to self-heal mental illnesses and how to... more

Compassion boost energy, stamina, vitality, and immunity. Light heals, prevents sickness, rejuvenates, prolongs life, and transforms relationships, finances and more. On today's show Master Sha shows us how to selfheal our... more