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Don S McClure

The Don S. McClure Show


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Author and Producer,explores real life topics from romance to relationships,Political views, history facts, to everyday life subjects. They will excite and amaze.

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The Don S. McClure Show- Afflictions - Not The End of Life Working your way through the afflictions you were born with and work through the illis of life. Afflictions not the end of life. I believe when the worst comes into your life, or what some consider the worst things that could have happened to you. You are required by learned faith to take a stand that no matter what affliction has come your way, whether from birth or the events in your life. Standing strong on who you are will bring forth the strength to say hello world, I am me, and I am valuable to my self and for my well being. This road traveled by you can be lonely at times, and it might seem dark and impossible to win against the darkness, but trust in your ability to find a way to see the beauty inside of you. It will shine through no matter what you have gone through or what affliction has come your way. I should know because this terrible word was once a part of my life. Show Topic: Don S. McClure Renowned American Author Remember howsoever you are played, or by whom, that your soul is in your keeping. Even though those who presume to play, you be kings. Remember. When you answer to God, you cannot say ?I was told it was thus,? or that virtue ?was not the fashion of my times.?
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