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Dominick Calvitto

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Tonight's Radio Show Talking About Science and Does the Universe Have an End or Does it Go On for Infinity ? if you want to Voice Your Opinion on This Subject,Please Don't Hesitate to Call The Studio @347-850-1235 @8PM And or... more

Good Morning Fans, Tonight we have an Excellent Show Lined up for you All Tonight we will be Talking About "Valentines Day" And is it Really Worth it Money Wise when you should be Showing Your Love Everyday for Your Wife or... more

Join us Tonight on the Italian voice radio show. Our topic is the new law making abortion legal on full term babies .show time 8pm on 2/5/19. If you have an opinion. Tell it to the USA and more. Dont leave it just for fb. I'll send the link... more

Good Evening Fans,Tonight i will be talking about False Entitlement And how a Certain Class of Individuals Believe that Whatever They Do that's Illegal isn't Illegal and They Shouldn't be Either Arrested For Such Acts that they... more

The Italian Voice will be live 830pm to Speak about This Abortion thing in NYC That's Legal After 9 Months of Pregnancy ! I'm Nauseated About it,How Can The " Parents " of these Children sleep at night knowing they just murdered an... more

Good Evening Fans i wanted to Go On The Air Tonight to talk about What's going on with This Snow and Who Got Hit with a Severe Snow Storm and How Many Feet you got in Your State if any at all i hear New Jersey didn't get No... more

Hey Fans i will be Live Tonight at 8pm talking to a Caller which has a Crazy Story to Tell us.So don't miss this episode it's going to be Good for the past week i noticed a close friend of mine in a Situation that Really Pissed me off . The... more

Good Evening Fans Tonight i will be Discussing Police Corruption in The United States And how Police Arrest Police and They Get Treated like Gold Due to Their Position in The Department.But If that was a Civilian The Treatment would be... more

Well Since Last Night's Show Was Interrupted by Nauseating Rotten Callers that Obviously have No Brains Between the 3 of Them,i will be Doing a Show tonight To Refresh the The Italian Voice,It's Seriously a Damn Shame when People... more

Good Evening Fans,Tonight i figured i would go on the Air And Discuss The Wall and it's Priority to Our National Security and why it has to be such a Big Issue when it should of been Up Years Ago to Protect America from Terrorism and... more