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Divine Realization Radio is an outreach of the grassroots movement Project New Humanity. This station is a Haven for those whose "church" or "living temple and altar of devotion" are WITHIN. This is a threshold, gathering place without walls, committed to the remembrance of our innate Divinity and Oneness with the Supreme Absolute God-Mind and Presence. This network is brought to you by Project New Humanity Communications. We aim to provide programming to help you connect with the Divine Presence within an to help birth "The New Humanity", promoting the shift and growth of Unitive, Non-dual Awareness in our world. We are amazing creations, divine manifestations, capable of immense greatness. By reconnecting to both the core of who we are (the Presence of Pure Beingness and Radiant Love) and to the universality of the Eternal Awareness of Oneness, the seeds of integrity, wholeness, charity, goodwill, peace, justice, non-violence, tolerance, a shared and common purpose, transformation, and transcendence are born through each conscious breath we take. We are at a vital stage in our evolution. To allow the "shift" from separative, fearful, and egoic consciousness to the very Oneness from which we came to fully manifest and incarnate, we must adopt a cross-cultural, trans-national, collective responsibility for preserving what is in the highest and best interest of the planet and cosmos. By re-qualifying, re-generating, re-imagining, re-examining, and re-inventing our social roles, as well as shedding the shell of worn out self-definitions that divide, we will see the need to bless and uplift the one human family, by simply changing the way we perceive reality. By adjusting our thoughts, rising above limitations created by mental structures and entanglements, and through a willingness to see our brothers and sisters in Spirit as our saviors and mirrors for our development, we too

On-Demand Episodes

In this updated, edited, and enhanced episode with new material added to it, Conscious Healing takes aim at the both the cause of and healing of sickness or illness. Drawing from A Course In Miracles in the 2018 material and then... more

How does desire drive our lives? Desire is a gift from the Divine, a fiery energy. How does desire aid in our awakening? Can desire energy, when harnessed allow us to evolve? Desire energy when not harnessed can lead to suffering. Bryan... more

Why do we burn candles, light fires, and use the imagery of light in sacred events, to speak of the aura, celestial beings, or is frequently recalled in near-death experiences? Why do visionary experiences speak of an influx of inner light?... more

Pain and the ego are equated and you have a choice whether to suffer or not. Anytime you are in pain of any kind, you are experiencing the ego. We have the ability to program ourselves with happiness. When we are in Pure Presence or... more

The extraordinary can be found in the ordinary. Living lives of fame, recognition, and status in the world doesn't guarantee specialness or an exalted nature of any kind. Self-importance doesn't translate to the spiritual journey. Bryan shares his... more

Hitting rock bottom could be the first step in your transcendence. This episode begins with a meditation written by Bryan that is on his album ?Light Transmissions? (, amazon mp3, i tunes, and streaming on you... more

Explore with Bryan Rice, the ideas surrounding grace and evolution of consciousness and how important it is to try and maintain grace in seemingly disastrous and unpleasant experiences. It is all a matter of perspective and... more

Reflect on the nature of your Real Presence, Essence, and Being while considering teachings of A Course In Miracles about what the Real World is and where you think you are. According to A Course in Miracles, your Real Identity... more

We must do shadow work, to go down into the depths of our psyche in order to the work of Transcendence. We must clear our subconscious debris, go down into the tomb, die to the false self, so we can rise up in glory and radiance... more
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